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Cogmed® is an individual evidence-based cognitive remediation program that aims to improve attention by training working memory capacities. It was initially designed by a swedish team of scientists (Torkel and al. 2002) to improve cognitive functioning in children presenting an ADHD disorder. 


Working Memory is a key cognitive function that is used to temporarily hold an information in our minds, and keep it active in order to operate complex operations. It is a kind of short term memory comparable to the "RAM" on a computer. It is essential for learning and everyday activities such as:

  • produce a complex reasoning

  • understand long sentences when reading

  • take notes during a meeting and keep on listening at the same time

  • mentally visualise an itinary in order to plan the shorter car trip

  • compare flight/commercial deals when organising a trip
















Cogmed is a computerized online training that helps sustainably increase working memory capacities. To this date, Cogmed has been the object of more than 55 scientific publications and more are still pending. To find out more, visit


Ben Pillet has used Cogmed since 2010 in both private practice and day-hospital with people experiencing mental health issues such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorders to improve their cognitive functioning. The good results obtained have enriched his clinical practice of Cogmed and he is now an advanced certified Cogmed Coach.

Though Cogmed was initially designed for children with an ADHD disorder it is now used in many situations where working memory or attention require to be improved.

As a result, 3 versions of Cogmed have been created: JM (young Children), RM (Children-Adolescents) and QM (young Adults-Adults)































For more general information about Cogmed, visit


To try out a Cogmed Demo version, visit and click on "Try Out Cogmed".


To start your Cogmed training or request further information, contact us here


Cogmed Training Includes:


Initial Assessment

Start-up session

25 Cogmed sessions (frequency and length to be determined during the start-up session)

Post-therapy assessment

Cogmed Progress Report

Cogmed Certificate


Regular Face-To-Face sessions with a Registered Clinical Psychologist for coaching and Professional advice (sessions can be provided at Home/Work for your convenience)

Medicare Rebates/NDIS funding may be available depending on your personal circumstances.

Ben Pillet is a










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