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CBT for Psychosis

MetaCognitive Training (MCT) is an evidence-based group psychotherapy that targets some of the common thinking errors and problem-solving biases that occur in schizophrenia and psychosis. In this program, participants learn about the importance of various strategies, such as:

  • gathering sufficient information before making judgements;

  • attributing causes/explanations to an event in a more considered approach;

  • considering and accepting information provided by other people;

  • reassessing strongly held positions;

  • differentiating between accurate and inaccurate memories.

A review of a recent study (Moritz et al. 2014) demonstrated the efficacy of MCT in reducing the severity of clinical symptoms in people living with schizophrenia.

Full Therapy Includes:


     Initial Interview/Assessment

     24 group sessions provided twice-weekly

     1 hour training per session

     Post-treatment assessment


Medicare rebates or NDIS support may be applicable.

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