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What is
Cognitive Remediation?

Cognitive Remediation Therapy is a scientific term that refers to professional "brain training" that aim to improve cerebral capacities (e.g. attention, concentration, memory) in people experiencing cognitive difficulties (e.g. brain traumas, learning difficulties, mental health issues or ageing). 

Ben Pillet has a valuable background in Clinical Psychology and provides therapeutic programs to people desiring to improve their cognitive performances in evidence-based approaches.



In the ACT, Ben Pillet provides cognitive remediation therapies for those who experience difficulties in their memory, attention and/or concentration. Two different evidence-based programs are currently available:

  • Happy Neurons is a group-administered cognitive remediation program that trains attention, concentration, working memory, executive functions, cognitive flexibility and processing speed.

  • Cogmed is an individual computerised program designed to improve attention by training working memory.



The Happy Neurons® program has been developed to be an efficient cognitive remediation therapy that trains several important cognitive functions such as attention, concentration, memory, executive functions, cognitive flexibility and processing speed. The six exercises included in Happy Neurons have been particularly designed to focus on working memory, which is a crucial neuropsychological function for daily activities.


If you are an organisation interested in Happy Neurons, contact us here:

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