Since its development, The Happy Neurons Company has consistently elected to charge clients with fees that are significantly lower than those recommended by the Australian Psychological Society (which currently sets the fee for a 50-min consultation at $254.00) in order to make psychological services more affordable. 


The Happy Neurons Company also use a Tiered Fee Schedule that renders its services even more equitable. For the 2020–2021 financial year, the standard fee for standard 50-minute appointments is $230.00. However, three levels of rebates are available to middle and low income earners with bulk-billing available to those who need it the most.


Clients are encouraged to contact us and check which level of fee/rebate is applicable to them.

Cancellation Policy

The Happy Neurons Company usually sends automated SMS/email reminders three days before each appointment to help clients remember their appointment (clients will need to provide their consent for that service during their initial consultation). 


Clients are kindly asked to provide enough notice (at least two days) in order to avoid penalty fees.

Medicare Rebates

Ben Pillet is a Registered Medicare Provider who delivers "Clinical Psychological Therapy" items. Therefore, clients may be eligible for a rebate of $128.40 per session from Medicare if they are referred by their GP or Psychiatrist with a Mental Health Care Plan (up to 10 sessions per calendar year).

Rebates can be claimed by (1) using the Medicare app, or (2) sending the receipt in with a Medicare claim form or (3) taking the receipt to a Centrelink office.

Some Private Health Insurances (PHI) also offer a rebate. Clients should check directly with them for more information.


NDIS participants can use their plan to access the wide range of services provided by The Happy Neurons Company. Their NDIS plan must include funding for "Improved Daily Living Skills", particularly items 15_048_0128_1_3 (Individual assessment/therapy) & 15_044_0128_1_1 (Group therapy). 

For further information, please contact your NDIS Support Coordinator or visit the NDIS website. You may also contact us for a quote.