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Happy Neurons® is a cognitive remediation therapy that trains several important functions such as: attention, concentration, memory, executive functions, cognitive flexibility and information processing speed.


Happy Neurons groups include up to 6 participants and are provided twice a week, over an 8 week program. Sessions last approximately 2.5 hours and train participants in 6 different exercises specifically designed to deeply stimulate brain functioning. The Happy Neurons therapist (Clinical Psychologist) provides the training by following a specific method that ensures all participants work optimally and get the most out of their sessions. Therapist constantly monitors progress of each participant, adjusts for any difficulties and provides professional advice and support for best outcomes. 


In order to achieve optimal results, sessions are quite intensive. However, Happy Neurons participants are always rewarded for their efforts. Each Happy Neurons session includes a morning/afternoon tea where everyone can relax and share a delicious piece of cake in a friendly environment.


Happy Neurons is an evidence-based method. This means that we not only strive to help people get the most from their training experience but we also record progress made during sessions to provide both qualitative and quantitative feedback.

At the end of each Happy Neurons therapy, a certificate of completion is awarded.















Happy Neurons groups are regularly provided in ACT. Bookings are essential.

Full Training Includes:


     Initial assessment

     16 Happy Neurons training sessions

     3 hour training per session

     Professional support/advice

     Progress feedback

     Post-treatment assessment

     Happy Neurons Progress Report


Medicare rebates or NDIS funding may be applicable.

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